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Welcome to the Real Estate Trainers Real Estate Principles Course, Internet Edition. This page will acquaint you with how to use this course.

The course is broken out into 15 different lessons, with anywhere from two to eight sections per lesson.  Each section starts with a topic discussion in outline form. At the end of the page will be a button labeled "More Details." If you click on this button, another page will appear, which is a discussion of the same topic matter, but in full narrative form. There will then be three practice questions for each section. When you reach the final section quiz question in the last lesson, click on the "Lesson Finished" button and fill in the form that will appear. Real Estate Trainers will then send you an email with the password to the final examination for the course. This final examination cannot be taken until you complete the course, provided that at least two and one-half weeks have passed since your enrollment in the course.

Throughout the text in the course you will find text printed in this color. In the Lessons, text of that color indicates that the term is included in the glossary for the course. Simply click on the text and the definition of that term will appear. Click on the "Back" button of your browser to return to the text. Depending upon your browser, the text you clicked will appear in a different color, which indicates that you have seen that definition.

Thank you for selecting Real Estate Trainers for your real estate educational needs. We look forward to working with you.

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